[lab_heading title=”Brief”]The Theater of Gadsden is a small town community theater that has recently been doing much better than anticipated. Advertising had always been a grassroots, word-of-mouth situation, due to lack of funds. At one point, however, they discovered that they had quite a few events coming up and no literature to hand out about them. They also had no printed materials to give to customers for information or contact. They had an employee with some design skills that often did some kind of literature for them, but that employee was out for a significant amount of time. They hired me to design a new logo (the old one was not working) and to design a brochure for the upcoming events.[/lab_heading]

Print Design

  • Design and Layout of brochure background, images, and text for both front and back
  • Design of Tickets form on second page of brochure
  • Image edited from all taken photography, as well as images obtained from the client


  • Design of a brand new logo, not based on the old one, but off of a generic description given by the owner
  • Generate a new color scheme, based loosely on colors used in the past
    • Supply the client with the new logo and mock-ups based both on the new color scheme and a black-and-white logo combined with the old color scheme
  • Design a new season ticket form to appear on the second page of the brochure, as well as be used throughout the rest of the season


The client wanted a new logo, but was not certain of exactly where to go with it. I was told the following:

  • I think I want the two masks (comedy and tragedy) with some ribbons
  • I want to see if we can get a definite color scheme, but all I really know is that we’ve just been using whatever red and blue is available
  • I would like to have a definite font for the theater to use for everything
  • I would like to see the new logo (with the new font) in the red and blue color scheme, black on a white background, and white on a black background

These are the various versions of the new logo that the client was given, and as you can see from the brochure, the new color scheme was chosen.