Portfolio - The Southwest Source


The Southwest Source is the student newspaper at Southwest Tennessee Community College, where I majored in Graphic Design and Application Development. Before I joined the team, the paper had no solid branding and layout and design was being performed by various volunteer teachers and students (all with very different ideas about what the design should be). I joined the team and immediately took a scholarship to become the Layout and Design Editor of the paper, taking on the responsibility of dedicating specific graphics, design, layout, and standards to the each issue.

Print Design

  • Layout and Design Editor for each issue released between 2008 and 2010
  • Graphics for the header, footer, borders, shadow boxes, ect.
  • Graphics for advertisements, social networking, and social outreach


  • Color schemes and fontts
  • Layout schemes for each specific page type and article tyes
  • Shadows and placement of images were normalized
  • New approached to reaching out the students were put into place, especially a new social media and other grassroots presense


  • Created and edited most of the photography used in each Edition and Issue of the paper, using a Nikon D600 Series DSLR and Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom


  • Submitted at least two articles per edition/issue
  • Wrote copy for advertisements that appeared in the paper
  • In 2010, added the responsibility of Editor to my responsibilities of layout and desgign
  • Wrote copy for instruction materials and community outreach materials

More From My Time at The Source

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  • Read stories that highlighted me or activities that I participated in
  • Read about awards The Source won while I was a part of the team

Branding and Design

These slideshows use specific pages as examples of my work with The Source.


When I first became Layout & Design Editor of The Source, the only people that had been involved were various volunteer students and teachers – all of which had different ideas about the look of the paper. One of my first tasks was to decide on one look, a header image, fonts, colors, etc.

  1. The first thing was to research the specific red and blue being used by the college, so that I could expand the definite color scheme of the paper from there
  2. The next job was to create a header image that would appear on the first page of every edition, with only the edition and issue numbers changing
  3. The next thing was to figure out fonts and their specific jobs, such as article headline versus section header
  4. Finally, I had to normalize the entire layout by defining image placement, callout boxes, shadows, dividers, structure of repeating article types, etc

Beyond Branding

There were many sections that I either improved upon or helped to bring into existence, as well as other extra work I put into making the paper the best it could be:

Most of the images that were used in the source were taken by me with a D600 Series DSLR and then edited by me in either Photoshop or LightRoom. One of the editions that showcased an entire photography trip of mine was one that was about the beauty of Southwest. This required me to spend a good bit of a day hiking all over campus to get the best shots!

Lauren’s Kitchen existed before I came onto the team, but the design of the entire page made it fall to the wayside. I worked with Lauren to come up with a plan that would make her section pop.

The Entertainment section was kind of my baby, as many of the puzzles and stuff had to be digitally designed from a hand drawing. I also was in charge of the comedy section and drew a few comics for it. It was definitely one of the hardest pages to design.