Portfolio - The House of Mews


When I was still going to school for graphic design, I knew that I would need some volunteer work to get some experience under my belt. Since cats are one of my biggest loves in life, I thought what better place to volunteer my design and public relations services than a no-kill cat rescue?

Print Design

  • Layout and design of color print materials such as a full-color, tri-fold brochure and a full-page magazine advertisement
  • Layout and design of black-and-white print materials such as newspaper advertisements
  • Editing and design of graphics and images


  • Color schemes and fonts
  • Design of a new logo and other base images
  • Rewording of the slogan
  • Rewording of various other text materials


  • Responsible for all of the photography used in the print media projects
  • Responsible for image editing of the images used in the projects


  • Rewrote the slogan and other catch phrases used by the non-profit
  • Wrote most of the copy for the brochure and the magazine advertisement

Print Designs