Portfolio - destiny Diner/Printer's Alley


Printer’s Alley existed in Midtown for many years before Destiny Diner, but always relied on word-of-mouth marketing for the bar. When they opened Destiny Diner, however, they felt they needed to do a little low-level marketing. I was working at the Diner and still in school studying graphic design, so they asked me to design an outdoor poster (to be hung in the square for outdoor foot traffic) for each establishment and a newspaper article for the local community paper for each establishment.

Print Design

  • The company wanted to posters to have a hand-drawn by not a professional feel, was set on using yellow, blue, and black and white checkers, and provided logos that were in terrible condition. I was very much a beginner, so I was just so grateful for the job that I did not argue much.
  • The textures used in the checkerboard borders were created by me, as were the checkerboard borders themselves.
  • In an attempt to clean up the logos provided to me, some digital drawing was required.


  • All photographs used in these four items were taken by me using a Nikon D600 Series DSLR and edited by me using Photoshop or LightRoom

Print Projects

You can view the two posters and the two newspaper advertisements below.